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Here, just take a look at some of the stuff I got for hanging out at CN. Yeah sure they're digital items, but they're more accessible than a game shop halfway across the world.



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You know the site
The only place to
collect these things

My c-Zone on Cartoon Network Orbit "Used To" Look Just Like This...
Orbit Name: "Jackie Chi Max1" but this c-Zone is not there anymore...
Jade Hattori 4, 5, 6... Gun Sniper Zoids card

Hattori 1, 2, 3...


Power Puff
Girls Luau
Ami & Yumi      
(in middle)


Liger Zero &
     Zoids cards
Loony Toons
      Easter Eggs
Power Puff 
Card Captor
       Sakura &
Card Captor


Way Too Many Zoids c-Toons


Some of the cToons and gToons I collected.
Believe it or Not, I got 8. I auctioned one of these and got 32904 points for it. My fav. gToon. Got about 5
of these.
Got 6 of these 'cause these were auctioned when
everyone is asleep.
I got lucky on this. Got 6
of them and got one for 100 points 
Some of the cToons I want.
Too expensive to get. Was available once. Tried to get it but missed! Sometimes, there's never enough points...

The above images of cToons and gToons are from the site.

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