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Well, some of you have been asking for this
 and so I went ahead and made this page...
...just  for all those who want to affiliate with 
my site. Now that I 
put this up, I want 
you all to email me the
html code for your button, or just your link with the name of your site. Remember I'm not accepting any .gif or .jpg buttons by email, only the html code for buttons. There's an example next to my button. Email is but don't expect a quick uploading of your link as I don't check my mail much.

*Linked Up : this refers to the site owner's request to affiliate.

The Affiliates of M.E. Arts Affiliates Inc.
M.E. Arts Online
This is the M.E. Arts banner/button/whatever to this site. The code for it is right below this, so you can link up my site to yours. The first is the big one (top) and the second is the small button (bottom). Just cut and paste one of these codes on your web page...

<embed width="450" height="100" src="">

<embed width="85" height="30" src="">

Duel Dimensions
Duel Dimensions, 'cause I'm the Cool Moderator working there.
^ Check out the Button I made for the forum...

YuGiOh Home
Yu-Gi-Oh! Home

Martin's site because I studied and used his flash equalizer code for my players.

Final Fantasy X/X-2

Swerly's Site, the same Swerly at Duel Dimensions...

Shadow Harlequin

ShadowHarlequin's Site, another Duel Dimensions member...

InuYasha Rocks

An InuYasha Forum, that's *linked up.

Fidget Brain

Martin's site because I studied and used his flash equalizer code for my players.


These are affiliated sites that will be removed if the site owners do not reconfirm their affiliation...

Prehistoric Man & Fire

Tharindu's site, 'cause he's *linked up.

Dark Shadow Realm

Another Yugioh Forum, and this one's new...

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