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Nothing special here, just empty space for a few of DeeJ M.E.'s songs.
And to pronounce DeeJME : "Dee-Jaé-éaM-Eai" or D-J-M-E : But Spell it DeeJ M.E.
And it means "Deep E-Jay M.E". 

DeeJ M.E.'s music's "Deep", 
DeeJ M.E.'s an "Electronic-Jockey", and 
DeeJ M.E.'s Name is M.E.!"$
¯Now running, live streaming music from M.E. but in Japanese until everything is sorted out. If you want to listen to what's playing while on air, GET IT NOW and listen.
(Mostly on Air at Nights till morning Pacific time)

DeeJ M.E. is working on a Yugioh song performed by his best friends from his home town. The song is more singhalese, so it goes by the title "Api-Duel-Karamu" (Let's Duel)...

¯DeeJ M.E.'s videos can be seen by clicking the Audio/Video button right underneath the song list in the player above.

¯If you want to listen to some Music to Duel By, click here and check out some Yu-Gi-Oh! Killer Tracks!¯

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