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There isn't much to say Except that I claim myself to be the best Duelist on Sri Lankan soil.

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Duelist Profile
Duelist Name M.E. Rider Viper
Duelist Status Sri Lanka: Advance  /  Global: Pro
Phrase Cheat, and the Cards will seek Revenge
Fav. Cards
Dark Designator Found in a Pharaonic Guardian booster pack
Buster Blader Received in a Trade from Cousin's Friend
Suijin Received in a Trade from Cousin's Friend
La Jinn Mystical Genie of the Lamp Received in a Trade from Cousin
Harpie's Brother Received in a Trade from Cousin
Dream Cards
Green Buster Blader: the only difference between the original is the color.
M.E. Cards Cards that work like the Gravekeepr and XYZ monster cards.
Current Activities Taking in Part in Yugioh Events, Designing a Virtual Duel Projecting System, Writing Dark SL Duels, Working at Duel Dimensions, Doing Nothing that is good.
Hopes to Make more Duel-Pads designs (mini-Duel disk fields).
Find more people to teach Yu-Gi-Oh.
Find rare and strong cards.

M.E.'s Yu-Gi-Oh Creations  
* Dark Sri Lankan Duels Yu-Gi-Oh Related Short Story from the side of the island of Sri Lanka  
* Duel Dimensions Duel Box The music player for the site Duel Dimension, currently still being created.  
* M.E.'s Yu-Gi-Oh Animated Graphics. Includes 3D Millennium Puzzle, Appearing Suijin, Image of Green Buster Blader, and 3D Duel Card.  
* Drawing of "Dark Designator" The image of the magic/spell card drawn by hand. M.E.'s version, of course.  
* Square Cards Drawings Square Cards are drawings on small pieces of paper, like a card.  
* Drawing of "Face Yugi" Many face drawings of Yugi  
* Drawing of
The all too hilarious Millennium-Puzzle-Oh!  
* Flash Characters Yugioh Flash Characters drawn in Flash...  

M.E.'s Yu-Gi-Oh Modifications
* Yu-Gi-Oh! Memory Game Yu-Gi-Oh based memory game where you got to match the monster cards with their double.
* Yu-Gi-Oh! Dragon Attack! Game The Dragons are attacking, quick blow them away before the attack you and you lose all your life points.

Links to Other Yu-Gi-Oh! Related Sites Info on Site
* Duel Dimension is Back and Working again... Head over there now and help Duel Dimensions become the best again...
* Duel City Another forum that came out in mid-November. I got promoted to Colonel there. It's now a Ghost Forum.
* Dark Shadow Realm Dark Shadow Realm is a forum that I Joined when the Hacker Imposter attacked Janime.  

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Yu-Gi-Oh Virtual Desktop
* YVD Skins Here's a page containing some skins I made for the YVD.

*****Links Temporarily Unavailable Due To Low Bandwidth and Server Space...
Visual Duels Duels Outline GAME Details
* Exodia vs. M.E. Text Outline Game1 : Round1 : 16 Turns A one round duel of Exodia against M.E.
* Vadron vs. M.E. Text Outline Tournament : Round1 : 6 Turns The Finals of the online Tournament at Duel Dimension

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