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About M.E. - There is no one more stupid than the Stupid Idiot M.E. 'cause he's the Stupidest Idiot of all time. We are talking about Me!
P E R S O N A L  J
Name:  Peter Kashan "M.E." Bahar
Nickname: M.E.
Call Sign: Rider Viper
Birthday: 16th September 1984
Home Location: Kandy, Sri Lanka
Appearance:  Tall, very dark brown hair, fair skin, brown eyes, big hands. Also See Photo.
Personality: Crazy at times but cool, honest and trustworthy, fooling about and funny, always thinking, and never happy but got a big smile on always, and a Total Idiot like some fool who talks to himself.
Social Relationships: Not even existing
Major: Computer Graphical Designing (or CAD or something)
Prefer to Work as: A Graphics Designer, Writer, Music Composer and remixer, Photographer, Event Strategist, A Hermit
Subjects Studied: A lot, but only 1 graphics course.
Status: Very busy with wasting this stupid life.
Other Statuses: Leading C&C man in SL and best SL Duelist for Yu-Gi-Oh.
Other Things Done: Writing Stories, Composing Songs, Composing and Editing Music, Drawing, Strategizing C&C Tactics, Strategizing Yu-Gi-Oh Plays...
This was taken a very long time ago. A couple of many many many months back. The most recent photo of M.E.? No.  

F A V O R I T  E S
People: People
Friends: Alex, Amanda, Andrea, Anushika, Chathurika, Lakshika, Malinda and Shalinda
Word: English
Phrase: All together or none at all (AON - All or None)
Subjects: All English subjects, and graphics subjects.
Books: Sir Arthur C. Clark's: Space Odyssey series, K.A. Applegate's: Animorphs, M.E.'s: ME Series (by me)
Comic/Manga: Garfield, Yu-Gi-Oh!
Number:  9 (Nine)
Color: Green
Day: Monday (I hate this day)
Games: Star Gladiator (Most fav.), Command & Conquer series
TV Shows & Cartoons: Knight Rider, Loony Toons, Zoids, Jonny Quest, Martial Law, Yu-Gi-Oh!
Movie: Star Wars (?)
Song: I'll be There for You (Solid Harmony)
Sound Track: No Mercy, No Mercy Remix, Air Strike - Frank Klepacki (all are C&C Tracks)
Magazine: Computer & Video Games (CVG), PC Gamer
Food & Drink: Real Fried Rice with lots if soya meat and lots of hot curry. Mineral Water from the stream
Normal Snack: Chinese Fish Rolls (Sri Lankan Versions), White or Swiss Chocolate
Abnormal Snack: Chocolate Ice-cream mixed with potato chips, fried dhal, and chili powder
Animal: Eagle
Place: Home
City: Paris
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Hobbies: Drawing, writing stories, making animations, playing the goat.

G O O D & B A D
Good: I'm Real Funny! Bad: I'm Real Funny!
Good: I'm Tall! Bad: I keep bumping by Head!
Good: I get Angry less now!  Bad: I become Green when I do get Angry!
Good: I forget easily.  Bad: I don't remember why.
Good: I'm an Idiot Bad: I'm Still an Idiot
Good: I remember something. Bad: I Forgot what.

Questions Asked by Prince
01. What are the Easter Bunnies on CnCNX? A bunch of Easter Bunnies that formed a clan.
02. What are the differences between the four Easter Bunnies on CnCNX? The fur, DNA and specialty
03. What are the identical characteristics of the Sri Lankan RA2 map on CnCSL? The rough terrain.
04. What is your intention in doing the CnCSL site? To bring C&C in singhala.
05. Do we need to click on your site in top lists to bring it up in the ranks? There's a thought. Yes.
06. How many top list sites are your sites on? 4 or 5.
07. How did you get your Westwood Studios Membership? The same way other members got.
08. What are the plus points of making a C&C site? Fun is one. Can we change the questions to me now?
09. How did you turn to playing games? By playing games.
10. What's your game philosophy? Play team based games, you have fun.
11. You want to be a novel author, but why are you so interested in games? Everyone else is interested, and so am I.
12. Rather than who are helping you do the site, who are the other people who are helping you? Umm, Who? Other people helping are the people helping now.
13. Except games and doing work on the computer, what are your favorite things you do. Thinking, Trekking, Talking.
14. Why don't you do any exercises, you just get fat. I'm not FAT! I'm just big boned. Besides, you should try peddling a bike uphill with a second person on.
15. What does M.E. mean? I t ' s   a   S e c r e t ! J

This many people were dumb enough to come to this page.

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